True Character

Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?

The people that kick dirt on you when no one is looking and then lie about it when people are looking are weak in character. The people who believe them even when you have the (#Receipts) to prove them wrong are also weak in character (#ComplacencyIsComplicity). Don't trust these people. They are not your friends and probably never will be because people evolve at different rates. If you recognize their faults and they refuse to take accountability for their part in a mistake, then you have evolved beyond their brain's capacity.

I'll break it down to you like this: If you were in a Zombie Apocalypse (#CovidACloseSecond) and there was only so much room in your hideaway, would these people pull you into safety or would these people say, 'sorry, we're full,' and let you fend for yourself. This is the Litmus test. When people are in a state of panic, do they make good, fair choices? If the answer to this question is 'no' then (#ByeBitch).

Trust your instinct:

  • If someone is always changing their story, then don't believe a word they say (#Narsaccist). Baby, they ain't confused, they are trying to play the game of gossip.

  • If you keep having the same problems arise after about five different rearrangements, pivots, and renegotiations, then leave. Baby, you ain't being difficult, they are inconsistent and they are the chaos. Compromise is reciprocal.

  • If the same people keep popping up in your story as the antagonist, then cut them out of your story by leaving for good.

These types of people are toxic to your everyday life and will continue to be toxic until they learn their lesson not to be. The only way they will learn their lesson is if the world stops rewarding them for bad behavior (#NoGoldStar, #NoParticipationTrophey). That includes your presence.

If these types of people continuously mistreat you, mishear you, or misrepresent you, they do not deserve your presence or your light. Move on (#TheirLoss). They don't deserve you. They will evolve in their own time.

One day you may cross paths with these people again. Sometimes you will receive an acknowledgment that you were right to leave (#VerbalOrNonVerbal). If you're lucky, you'll receive an apology. But tread lightly.

Trust and believe in your goodness. You may not always be right, but if you always treat people with respect, they will recognize it and respect you more for not breaking your (#TrueCharacter).

People who are broken know they are broken, but they are unaware of the why or the how. That is a journey they must explore solo. Even if you're a supportive friend, you can't make someone get there. The mental exercise is theirs alone (#AppliesToAdultsOnly).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite, #XmasSprite)

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