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The Wizard of Oz

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Bonjour, mon ami! I was reading the Wizard of Oz to my child the other day and realized how relevant it is even to this day. It was originally released in August 25, 1939. I remember watching the movie on repeat, at least once a week, usually multiple times in a weekend on loop.

I don't know what it was about the movie exactly that made me fall in love with it. I think the visuals were great. But the movie has all new meaning to me as an adult. As a child, I thought it was angelic fun to see green monkeys flying and chasing Munchkins. The concept to me as a child was so bizarre, I had to stare, like most children do.

Today the movie has new meaning to me. I work in what I classify as corporate America and feel the effects of the Great Resignation greatly because I'm one of the few people left to hold the bag. Now that I've been thrusted into leadership roles and have to clean up the massacre that occurred in Summer 2021, I have been reborn.

I now see the Wizard for what he really is, a patriarchal figure that is doing his best to lie, cheat and steal his way through life. What started as a simple lie that he went along with (he floated to Oz by accident in a hot air balloon and the townspeople thought he was Wizard), turned into a big show. He played along, played the part because that's what people expected of him. We all do this, we all do this to add to our personal benefit.

I can say for a fact now as a leader that the job is harder than you think to be in charge. People forget that you're people too, they assume you have it all figured out when you don't, and they treat you poorly because they are insecure or jealous of you, even subconsciously. Everyone's feelings get hurt and then communication stops completely, etc. And then usually if people can't figure each other out, they move on to the next gig or job because we all know how dispensable we are after two recessions in 13 years. It's the same story everywhere. People try, get frustrated, sometimes give up and move on.

After a 2020 toxic election year and seeing all the curtains fall down, there was an implosion for all people in high power positions. High-powered people who are stressed and having to make quick, hard decisions in the Era of Record are now falling like flies because we all have cameras on our phones. The old ways of smoke and mirrors will no longer do for this generation of academics, philosophers, and scholars.

I will not get too political, but the point is: everything is an illusion. Everyone is lying to you all the time. There is truth there too, but there are lies and truths laced within each other. Some of the lies we tell to others because we tell the same lies to ourselves, like "I'm okay" or "I'm fine" or "We're hanging in there." These are all lies that we've told ourselves and others during the pandemic, when really we are breaking inside. So let's heal together by being honest with ourselves and others. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Use your voice. Speak up when something doesn't look right or when you simply have a question. It is okay for you to speak up for you and for you to have access to unfiltered information, so that you can make your own sound judgements about life.

The way in which I have healed is that I have accepted all of my sides of self. My light side and my dark side. I have elements of both persons that I incorporate throughout my day to help me survive (no, I do not have multiple personalities and yes, I have a therapist). I'm just saying that you get to choose how much of yourself and which self you share with others. You are your own Wizard of your own Oz. Your world is what you make it. Your inner world of creativity can save you during storms.

If you don't want to feel depressed, then do what you can to lighten up your environment. Organize, declutter, become more minimalist, use candles to change the scent of the air or open a window to clear the air, and play uplifting music. When you listen to the uplifting music, let your body dance, move. Let go. Enjoy your life and the presence of being here, right now.

So you better dance Wizard in your Oz!

Yours Truly,

Merry Marie, Christmas Sprite

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