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Spirituality and Intellect

Bonjour, mon ami!

Growing up I was expected to question everything. I was raised among intellectuals who studied religion like a history course rather than a guide to finding spirituality. My folks grew up with religion stuffed down their mouths. So naturally, they allowed the choice to be mine when I turned 13, whether or not to continue with my spiritual education.

I chose the intellectual side and decided to study the things I wanted to learn about. I had gone to enough church (#UU, #VisitorOfAllFaiths) to know that church was too strict. Somehow, even at a naïve age, I knew that my spirituality had nothing to do with religion. Religion is spirituality plus rules. I am not a rule follower (#Rebel).

I only came back to finding my spirituality when I became a young adult and I was out on my own trying to make a life for myself. The only problem is I'm still surrounded by very intelligent people and I've noticed a pattern. Highly intelligent people have a hard time finding their way back to God and Universal signs because they have conditioned out the very instinct that makes them human -- their inner wisdom and interconnectedness to other humans.

I have struggled myself and I understand why. There are a lot of teachings that have been misinterpreted, misused, and misdirected. I don't believe anyone should kill in the name of God (#WorldHistory). I also don't like the fact that most mainstream religions teach people to reject others who are not like them (#LGBTQ+, #DifferentlyAbled). I don't understand why anyone would misinterpret the real purpose of God (#UnconditionalLove).

In the current day, where TV, politics, and money is power I have felt more resistance among my highly educated friends (#Privilege). I 100 percent understand their hesitation and to that, I offer them this: Create your spirituality and faith. Read, learn, share, meet others, pick the elements of spirituality that make sense for your journey. There is so much information out there and so many ways to connect with people around the world that you can be a true (#LifeLongLearner). You will find peace knowing that we are all the same and want similar things (#PeaceOnEarth, #PeaceOfMind, #LoveAndAcceptance).

My intellectual friends also wonder constantly, 'why are you always so confident.' I simply smile and live by example because I know if I were to break it down for them they would stop listening as soon as they hear the word God (#SuchALoadedWord). My confidence comes from my faith in God. I already know because I know God.

The word God means what you make of it. I use the word for good and to explain all the magic in the world that makes life worth living (#CreateYourFaith).

Learn, meet, share, love, my little joy sprites. Don't be scared to explore your faith in God, in the Universe, in whatever works for you, my love. Amen.

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite)

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