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Some Souls Are Saved, Some Souls Are Lost

Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?

Remember to maintain your inner light.

People who have nothing but snarky comments about you are not your friend. They are not your cheerleader. You should love them unconditionally from afar, but by no means should you let them in.

People who have nothing but snarky comments hate others because they hate themselves. They do not want to see others succeed because they are stuck. They have lost their light. Their light is still within, but they have misplaced it and they are searching.

There are people out there who are energy vampires. Shadowy souls wandering lost, looking for a little light to steal from you. Stay away from these people. They will only steal and take from you. They will never give back. They will never be satisfied (#ForeverGreedy).

I mean it. Stay away from them. Pray for them afar and stay away until they find their way. Everyone has to learn someday how to find the God within themselves (#TheLightIsWithinAll). It is not your job to save anyone but yourself (#SaveYourself, #HaveFaith).

God always finds a way to show these snarky people the way, even if it is in their very last breath. Everyone sees the light eventually.

Choose to be happy so that you can see the light while walking this Earth in the now (#Presence). God is here. God is everywhere. God is in everything. Only those who are blessed can see the light of God in everything and in everyone.

Some souls are saved. Some souls are lost.

What are you? Saved or lost? Only you get to decide (#Amen).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #XmasSprite #ChristmasSprite)

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