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Sit At the Same Table

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Bonjour, mon ami!

If we all sat at the same table, then you would see how our friends and family really treat others who are not like them. You would see their true colors. You would hear the tone of their voice when they talk to someone who they think is lower than them. You would see

how rude they really are. You will also see the flaws in their character; the character that they try to maintain in front of you and others they are trying to impress. It's shocking because it exposes a lot of lies about people you thought you knew well. And it sort of breaks your heart when you realize they are also broken and are rude to others. But you hold out hope that they grow as a person and return to you in time, a little kinder. Everyone should be their best selves every day by simply being kind.

(Ages Less than 50)

Younger generations, be kinder to the older generations. You may be bitter for what they've left you as their legacy; however, you still have lots to learn from them. Study them, understand, listen to their stories, and figure out how to grow and be a different, better, kinder person.

Give a helping hand to an older person and you'll be surprised how many cool old people are also kids at heart. You'll make some cool, older friends, who may keep an eye out for you if they know you're a good person. It doesn't matter where you came from or what your age is. You are searching for your framily (friends + family); your soul siblings.

(Ages 50 and older)

Older generations, get to know younger generations. Don't brush younger people off as silly or unknowledgeable. Learn their costumes, the new ones. We learned yours and played the part. Now it's your turn to grow, be better, and play your new part in new society. Learn about the young people in your life. They will keep you young by keeping you in the know (especially to learn all the new lingo being thrown around). Young people have value.

Younger people do not have it better than you did. We may have more technology and conveniences, but the challenges we face are bigger and more complex (e.g., climate change). Also keep in mind that not all young people make it to old age. Don't assume they have all the time in the world. They are in the prime of their lives and are struggling. Give them a helping hand or words of encouragement. They look up to you and are looking up for guidance. Be an unofficial mentor; also offer a helping hand. You'd be surprised how many cool young people you'd get along with.

We are all soul siblings. Some of us speak the same love language, some of us are just around to help others learn the lessons they need for that day and then we move on. Either way, our paths were meant to cross. So be kind to all people who cross your path.

If you can't be kind, make sure you don't cause additional harm. No good can come from making someone feel less than.

I also highly recommend watching Schitt's Creek S2: E13 "Happy Anniversary" which was the inspiration for this post.

Namaste Bitches!

Yours Truly,

Merry Marie, Christmas Sprite

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