Rest & Rejuvenation

Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?

What does it mean to really rest and rejuvenate? It's not just physical rest, it must be a mental and psychological rest to really count. Many of us attempt to take time off or steal time back to ourselves where we can (#Rest). But is it ever enough time to feel the true benefits?

One must rest the body and the soul to feel fresh and ready to take on the world. Perhaps that's why we have so many miserable people walking the earth (#MentalExhaustion). The world gets busier and louder each day with new technology, new philosophies, and new ways of living. Sometimes it feels as if you've blinked and the world grew into another stage of puberty that you're tasked to figure out in time before the next big change. It's exhausting and there's no way you can ever prepare for the next (#Anxiety). With constant change comes constant psychological unrest.

All that extra information is taxing because we are decoding messages and translating what they really mean to us as an individual. Not all messages apply, not all messages are helpful. So we must constantly filter and sift and organize information (#Boring, #Why, #NoMoreLabels).

To rest, don't do that. Don't take in new messages or new information. Take the time to digest the information you have in the present. I say this because many of us didn't fully digest the information we received as children or young adults (#UnsresolvedBusiness, #UnresolvedTrauma), and now we have a lot of disgruntled adults having (#AdultTantrums) that should really be assessed by professionals (#DoTheWork).

To rest and rejuvenate, talk to yourself; talk to God or nature; talk to a therapist (#DoAllTheTalking, #DoItAll). Go slow, breathe, process, and think. We're all so used to being told what to think, did you ever stop to think if those messages were appropriate for you? (#TurnOffAutoPilot)

Nurture yourself. The same way you censor TV, people, and experiences for kids, you must do the same for yourself as an adult. If something is more hurtful than helpful, then it is your responsibility now as the (#AdultInTheRoom) to censor the information as it comes to you (#YouAreWhatYouConsume).

Don't leave the blinders on for life. Definitely, check-in sporadically to make sure the world is still there and that you are at least, an informed citizen. But consume everything with a grain of salt. That goes for people too. Consume every person you interact with, with a grain of salt. Assume you only see parts of the whole because none of us have all the information to fully understand anything. We can only fully understand ourselves.

Understand yourself. Master yourself. Rest and rejuvenate the brain from the constant bombardment of messages and figure out what your message to the world should be (#IndependentThinker). What does the world mean to you? (#YouGetToDecide)

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite, #XmasSprite)

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