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Pain & Joy

Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?

Life is painful, but it is also pulsed with joy. Joy is not given, joy is created. Joy is the gem we gain after we've experienced the extreme pressure of growth, pain, and turmoil.

Have you ever wondered why you have your (#AhHaMoments) after you've been crying for days? Perhaps you are mourning a loved one or you are freaking out over the constant change that is life (#ChangeIsConstant, #ChangeIsGrowth). You are trying to control things in your mind by defining them, labeling them, organizing them, and organizing them again. Not everything in life is meant to be understood, labeled, or organized. Life must be experienced as it comes.

We only see the truth when there are no other options. We allow ourselves to be honest with ourselves (#Finally). The lies and narratives that we tell ourselves internally have been destroyed or have slowly crumbled away until finally, we see what we need to see (#TheTruth).

Pain and joy help us see the truth in ourselves. From pain, you can grow or you can shrivel. Life is long, sometimes we both grow and shrivel and grow again, back and forth we grow. Growth spurts are painful. Emotional growth is excruciatingly painful because you expand in such a way that allows your soul to grow. Then one day you will be wise and knowledgeable enough to reunite with God (#Amen).

You never know what you're supposed to learn from life. You learn as you go. Only God knows when you've had enough. (#LeaveItToGod) and enjoy the ride (#LiveLaughLove).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite, #XmasSprite)

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