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Never Shut Up About The Small Moments

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Bonjour, mon ami! Want to know how to be merry merry? Never shut up.

Share your feelings and express yourself creatively. Be open and honest, even when it hurts. There is always a way to phrase and deliver unsavory news.

If you don't share openly, or simply be yourself in (#TimesThatMatterMost), then negative feelings will fester within you, which will turn into a mess of troubles (#InAMatterOfTime). Denial of these feelings may manifest in depression or poor health maintenance.

Always speak your mind, kindly (#AsBestYouCan). Always speak up, always stand up, always rise up, and always let that inner light speak. Don't ever let someone's negative propaganda about life bring you down. Life is full of wonder and splendor if you look for it.

The joy of life is in a baby's smile, a dog's furry snuggle, and a spouse's (#IMadeThisForYouLove) cup of hot coffee. Love is in our everyday moments. When you find that moment of bliss, you should suspend that state of mind for a couple of minutes. That is your right as a soul passenger in your body, on this earth, to enjoy the little moments. No little moment is too small in the heart.

The little moments are (#Fabulous) and you know it. Be like a child and be in awe of life! Share these moments with others to reteach them that their life is worth living. See a beautiful full moon as you're driving, stop and gaze at it. Hear a beautiful birdsong, stop and listen to its dynamic notes. These moments are not random. These moments are a higher power talking to you, saying "I love you. You are loved."

Share, respect, honor, and never shut up about the small moments.

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite)

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