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Negative Nellies

Bonjour, mon ami! What to do with that Negative Nelly in your life? Hold up, before you completely write them off, did you stop and ask why are they always like this? Popping off at the mouth all the time can be a symptom of depression (#irrate). I grew up with a lot of Negative Nellies in my blood family and they tended to have a fixed mindset as well. I was always a creative little sprite, but they would always bark back at me and I never understood why. Ha! Well after spending the pandemic stuck in the house with two toddler's, I totally understand my parents' fatigue and depression, which is bound to happen in this stage of life. I now have a greater understanding of how the weight of the world can impact my ability to be a good parent to my children and not repeat past behaviors that were taught or observed when I was a child, like Negative Nelly thoughts. Only I can decide what good is for me. What worked and what was good for my folks, no longer applies in the same context today. I choose to learn the lessons my parents had a hard time conquering, like: I am my own cheerleader. I am enough. No one is judging me, but me. I am my harshest critic. Everyone else's insecurities imprinted on me as a you child, but I am not a representation of others' insecurities. I can very naturally find my own, thank you very much. I know that I'm perfect, even though I'm fucked up (#LuvKesha). I have changed the conversation in my head. So every time I hear a critical voice, I simply state to myself: That wasn't me, that was an imprint from my past. And then I #SashyAway because bitch, I am #GoneWithTheWindFabulous. Boop! Yours truly, #MerryMarie #ChristmasSprite

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