My Sugar is Raw

Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?

I come from the land where they say 'bless your heart' when they really mean 'fuck you!' (#TheSouth) The good old south taught me how to distinguish friend from foe. Many people lie to themselves so they can lie to others so they can get what they want (#Manipulation, #Sociopath, #OkayBoomer, #OkayGenX, #OppressionCulture)

My sugar is sweet and raw. I'm sweet to the people who need it and most of the time to the people who don't deserve it (#Kindness). However, if you come for me or anyone that I love...if you are intentionally evil or mean to others simply because you have more power than them, then I will serve you some raw sugar, hun (#MySugarIsRaw, #Madonna, #MommaBear).

If you refuse to see how your cruelty and passivity affect others, then you need God. You need to learn how to think outside yourself (#ThinkOfOthers).

That is why I was born (#MerryMarie). I am multidimensional. I want everyone to be kind and happy genuinely. But I will cut you with my words to protect the goodness of humankind, the goodness of the innocent, the goodness of those who are trying and learning to be better (#GenuineHearts).

Remember (#JoySprites), kindness begets kindness and madness begets madness. Don't fall for the stories that were told to you for generations because most of the people who told you these stories were sick in the head themselves (#WhatDoTheyKnow, #FakeNews). Think of all the trauma your family alone has endured for generations and multiple by infinity (#EveryoneHasTrauma, #NotAnExcuseToBeAnAsshole).

People in powerful positions should always be compassionate and kind, not manipulative and vindictive (#Disgusting, #SmallMinded). People in powerful positions are the ones who should be regulated by us (#JoySprites) because they are only powerful if we hand them our power (#Dont). If someone disrespects you, take your power back the right way by standing up for yourself and others like you (#IndependentThinker).

Call the B.S. out for what it is. Don't lie or better yet, don't lie to yourself. Be genuinely kind, be genuinely compassionate, be genuinely good. You're not expected to be perfect, but God is watching. God expects you to do no harm to others because others are God's children too (#Respect).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #XmasSprite, #ChristmasSprite)

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