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Music & Spirituality

Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?

Do you feel connected and most alive when you're listening to or playing music? (#Me) I do, I do!

Something about deep bass and rhythmic beats is invigorating. Music has always connected people. You don't need to speak the same language to understand how music translates emotion or sentiment.

Music is so closely aligned with our spirituality and we have become unaware. We see music as a form of entertainment when really it is meant for all of us to partake in and enjoy. Music helps us communicate what is so hard to put into words. If you don't have the words, put them in a guitar phrase (#RockOn).

It seems so simple, but we forget as we grow into adulthood how to enjoy something simply for the sake of enjoying it. And not all of us are good at creating music or even holding an instrument, so I understand the trepidation to keep on with the music. But music can be as simple as a drum beat or a hum (#UseYourVoice, #YourVoiceIsAlsoAnInstrument). This used to be our basic form of communication and connection; simple beats and simple phrases in songs. Music does not need to be exploited. It is meant to be shared and a personal form of communication with others (#SmokeSignal).

If you've found a piece of music or an artist that speaks to you, that is the person's soul and essence connected to you. Your vibe matches their vibe (#HappyVibrations). I know, I know, it sounds oh so very new age, but it's not. Connecting through music is as old as time.

Enjoy the tunes, joy sprites. I'm sending you love through the drum, bass, and beats that speak the most to me.

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite, #XmasSprite)

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