Movie Review: Noelle (2019)

Bonjour, mon ami! Beware, spoiler alerts.

I have found my kindred soul in Noelle. She is bubbly and full of Christmas cheer. This wonderful little story is bringing Christmas into the 21st century by directly challenging patriarchal norms.

Noelle grows up believing that her only job is to support the men in her family do the absolute best job they can do: to be Santa (the all and high mighty honor). Her father passes and her brother is the next in line according to "the book of arbitrary rules." But her brother can't hack it and runs away. So what does the governing body do?! They select her male cousin to take his place, and he is even more ill-fit for the job. The worst part - all the females in this movie at the time of decision agree profusely that "the book of arbitrary rules" must be followed because it has always been this way - yikes!

Noelle has been straight up brainwashed and she figures out in the end that she has the gift of Christmas cheer and that she is the rightful heir to the Santa title. She doesn't need a bunch of old men telling her what she can and cannot do, nor does she need them to tell her who she is and what is rightfully hers.

She eventually assumes the role of Santa and does a bomb-ass job because she's doing a job she loves: bringing people Christmas cheer. Noelle is also a really good listener. That's why she's able to understand what people really want for Christmas. She is not distracted by the person's outward appearance or circumstances, she simply listens to their pure self.

Noelle never thought to to envision herself in the role of Santa because it had never been done before. How would she know it's possible if no one ever told her it was possible and that it was allowed? #MakeYourOwnRules

Always challenge the norms, my love. Don't ever wait for others to tell you that it's okay to go for what you want. Just work towards what you want and you will find your way to your goals eventually, even in the most unconventional way. Unconventional is fabulous! Be unconventional.

Yours truly,

#MerryMarie #ChristmasSprite

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