Movie Review: Happiest Season (2020)

Updated: Jan 25

Bonjour, mon ami! This review has spoilers; you've been warned.

Thank you all you wonderful people who made this fabulous movie. This movie gave me the heart tugs I was searching for on Hallmark or Lifetime, but I could never get quite what I was looking for. I like turmoil, I like humor, I like real. This movie is real. This movie is current. This movie is a commentary on where all families should be working towards if they haven't already gotten with the program.

Instead of bringing home the boyfriend, Harper brings home Abby! They go to Harper's home for Christmas as "roommates" and poor Abby has to sleep in the basement where a lot of foot traffic seems to occur. Harper instantly mentally switches to the daughter part she played for her family when she was a child. We all do it, especially if we live far enough away from home. You left for a reason to escape whatever insanity you grew up with and you found your true self. But when you go home, a switch goes off in your head and it's like you have split personalities. Or at least it feels that way when you're wrestling with what to do and how to be.

The answer: Be yourself. Don't act, don't play. Be yourself. Harper almost lost the best person that ever happened to her because she could not put down the mask she felt she was required to wear for her family. But if your family and friends are really in your corner, none of the labels should matter. And if you're truly in love with a person, you should be able to shout it from the rooftops without fear of anything because love is the purest form of emotion.

The main message: Accept your children for who they are and stop trying to mold them into an ideal that you had for yourself.

I know it's soooooo hard, right? I see myself doing it with my own children. I bark orders at my children constantly trying to mold them into decent little human beings. I mold them softly, and sometimes I mold them really firmly. But the thing is, I'm molding them because I have to teach them. I only know how to be me. I can only teach them how it works to be me.

What I'm working on is providing them the lessons and having them take which ones apply to them. I know it sounds insane, but this is what I need to do to make sure that I don't give them a complex the way my parents did with me. My parents literally thought I had to be miniature versions of them, except better and more accomplished. That's a lot of pressure, yo!

So remember, it's okay to let your children grow into their own. I know we all say we do it to look good to our framily, but do you really do it? Do you really go through the mental exercise of letting go of the image you had for your children? Do you let them be themselves, no matter how weird you think it is?

If you genuinely, purely love your children you will see their soul and the outside packaging will not matter. Remember that - see past the packaging and see their soul. They are the exact same little light you met on the day they were born. They are pure and they are on this earth for a reason. Amen.

Watch the gosh-darn movie! It's fabulous!

Yours truly,

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