Lost & Fastidious

Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?

Me?! I am not so well. I am the very definition of lost and fastidious. I am well-read and educated, but my brain simply cannot absorb any more toxic information.

I don't trust the news, I don't trust history, I don't trust my work colleagues, and I don't trust my formal education. It seems like the world just wants to crumble every day. The very fabric of our moral codes is being eroded by lies, lies, and more lies (#Exposed, #DocumentaryBinge).

Society looks at young people as (#Heathens) as if we're acting out because we don't have a mind or a real personality. But what they fail to see is that we did not create these lies. We are the product of being molded by a society that lies so easily (#AllTheTime). Anyone who judges you and tells you you're being ridiculous for feeling anything is lying to themself because they are so in the pattern of lying to keep up the façade that everything is okay.

Everything is not okay, and that is okay (#ItsOkNotToBeOk). Let's not lie about it. Let's work through it together. Let's tell our truths and learn to really unconditionally love one another. (#TheGoodTheBadTheUgly).

So yes, I am very lost and very fastidious in everything I do because I do not trust anyone! But I do love everyone, as in, I want us all to do well and I want us all to tell our truths (#DiversityIsEquity).

In telling our truths, we are true to ourselves and true to our soul, which is true to whatever spirituality you follow (#Amen, #Hallelujer).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #XmasSprite)

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