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Knowledge Is My Love Language

Knowledge is my #LoveLanguage. I love learning about people. I love learning about new cultures. I love learning about what motivates people to continue even when life is not so great (#Resilience, #OldSouls, #BuddhistNinjas). These people that keep it going inspire me. Some of us do not want to watch the world burn. Some of us want to heal the world through prayer and action, real commitment, not just false promises.

Be my inspiration my sweet #JoySprites. You are the future if you decide that you will be part of the solution. Take action if your heart hurts. Give back, pay it forward, and help someone in need to heal your soul.

Buy someone, who is down on their luck, a coffee. Any kindness is kindness received.

Hold the door no matter who is behind you. Any kindness is kindness received.

Slow down at the crosswalk to let the pedestrians pass instead of speeding up to cut them off. Any kindness is kindness received (#Rude, #YepGodSawIt).

Slow down to the pace of life and be a human to your fellow humans. Learn about one another. Read where ever your brain takes you (#Journey). Gain knowledge, gather stories, research, ask questions, challenge your belief system, challenge others' belief systems, challenge, challenge, challenge (#CriticalThinker).

Don't ever let anyone try to mold you or the way you think. Have enough guts and trust your intuition to ask, why? Keep asking follow-up questions. Get others to ask questions. Keep being curious. This is the only way we gain the knowledge needed to evolve (#5D, #Elevate).


Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite, #XmasSprite)

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