Hide In The Light

Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?!

When darkness or negative energy encroaches on your spirit, hide in the light, my dear joy sprite (#StrangerThings). You only need to face your own demons, not others' demons.

Demons are everywhere. They live in everyone. Demons live in you and me. Push the right buttons under the right circumstances and you will see.

God's light also lives in everyone. God's light lives in you and me. It is up to you and me how we choose to be.

When in doubt, hide in the light. Go to your happy place. Remember what makes you, you (#InnerSelf, #Soul). Remember who you were before the world bombarded you with roles, assignments, and scripts to reenact from the past (#YouDontHateMe, #YouHateYourself).

We are first programmed by our parents, whose intentions always start out as good. But they are also programmed. They have fears and hopes too. They probably found some miraculous new way to fuck you up (#PassedOnTrauma).

They did the best they could with the information and resources they had (#Forgive). We see our family's demons first because we know each other best. But we don't realize what we are witnessing when we are small. So we absorb that energy and it sits in the back of our psyche as a trigger, waiting (#BreakTheCycle, #Evolve).

It waits for us to mature before it rears its ugly little head and comes out like a little baby demon. It pops out when we're anxious, fearful, and confused. If you feed the demon, it will grow.

We see the demons in others before we see the demons in ourselves. Demons react to energy and will do anything to convert you, to pull you into the darkness of your mind (#MiseryLovesCompany).

You cannot get rid of demons permanently, but you can box them in your light. Encase them in your light and observe them for what they are. They are little pests that must exist because everything must exist, but they do not have the right to control you.

Observe and learn. Watch how the demon will do anything to come out. And sometimes, when you are very tired and down on your luck, the demon will MacGyver its way out of the encasement of light.

Don't panic. Make it come to you (#HideInTheLight). Lasso that little beast again. It is a constant exercise. It will always return.

Hate begets hate. Love begets love. Stay true to yourself. Win in the light, always.

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite, #XmasSprite)

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