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God + Science = Balance

Bonjour, mon ami.

I know a lot of us are conflicted (#AllTheTime). We don't know what to believe anymore because so much information is being thrown at us at all moments of the day. You can customize everything you consume, which means there isn't a lot of oversight in the information being served to you, except for you. Your consciousness is the decider.

Be a lifelong learner. Do not accept what is presented to you as the one and only fact. Ask questions, investigate, ponder why. Always ask why. If anyone (#TheAdultsInTheRoom) gets uncomfortable answering why then find out why yourself. Do not eat the information that is served to you simply because it is what you've always eaten (#BreakTheStatusQuo, #BeAnAdventurer). Look at what you're eating before you consume. The adults in the room don't always have the best intentions. Sometimes the oppressed become the oppressors (#KeepYourEyesOpen).

That is why I rely on both God and Science to provide balance in my life. I believe Mother Earth and the Universe are sacred. There are phenomena that we understand and phenomena that we don't understand...yet. We have Science for the things we understand and God for the things we don't understand. I'm okay with that (#WorksForMe).

I'm okay not knowing it all. Sometimes I do think I know it all (#False, #Education), but my inner wisdom (#TheShitThatMatters) tells me otherwise. My inner wisdom tells me to keep learning and to keep searching for answers not yet known. To keep searching for the answers to the questions that I have (#MyNarrative); not to the questions I'm told I should ask (#DoNotSpeakOnMyBehalf, #HelloCriticalThinking).

I believe humankind is either on the brink of destruction or enlightenment. Help me shift the scales in our favor, my little joy sprites. Be good. Be kind. Be honest. Be wise. Be humble. Be vulnerable. Be giving. Be forgiving. Be learning, always. Be you. Be.

And pray. Pray for all the goodness in the world (#HigherVibration, #CovidConnected).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite)

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