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From Trauma Comes Wisdom

Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?

If you've ever cried for days and prayed to God asking why you are so sad all the time, I feel you. We are (#CovidConnected) and I feel your pain (#ForeverConnected, #PrayForUkraine).

Everyone has their moments. Everyone goes through the ocean of emotions. Sometimes there is a light wave, and sometimes there is a tsunami (#ClimateChange). We all experience extreme pain and trauma in one way, shape, or form and we all respond to trauma differently (#Diversity).

Then just like a pearl that has popped out of a clam, wisdom is born from the extreme pressure of personal trauma; the shit that only you know deep inside your brain. Everyone has their shit. And daaaaayyyyyyuuuumm, why did the generations before us train us so well to push all those feelings down until we explode? Because they were born from trauma too (#Forgiveness, #ParentsAreHumanToo). We are echoes of each other's trauma, one generation after the next (#EchoedTrauma).

We have evolved as a human race. Millennials, Gen Z, and those who follow (#Hollar) are opening the human psyche into a (#EvolutionRevolution), sharing their feelings, telling you exactly what they want, how they want it, and when. The older generations may think we're a bit rude, but we are freeing the human psyche of generational lies (#YoureWelcome).

No one feels better by stuffing down trauma or emotions (#LetItGo). Let your thoughts and emotions breathe in a healthy way. Redirect that energy into positive change for you, for your community, and for the world (#BeTheChange, #GodBlessYou).

Be (#ThisLittleLightOfMine). Oh please (#ImGonnaLetItShine). Be the light. Be the love that this world needs so much more of.

Do not let the world change you (#JoySprites). You are capable of turning your trauma into wisdom and into positive change (#Amen, #JoySpritesUnite).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite, #XmasSprite)

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