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Emotionally Consistent, Not Emotionally Distant

Bonjour, mon ami!

I prefer people who are emotionally consistent instead of emotionally distant. I understand when the distance is necessary. Self-care sometimes requires extended periods of quiet, contemplative thought. However, emotionally distance as a pattern to block out the people in your life will stunt your evolution as a human being. We can only learn from each other. People transact best when sharing anecdotes; you know, real shit (#KumbayaMoments).

Emotionally distant people are hiding something deep and dark from those they love. But they forget that being honest about that darkness is the very thing that can heal them. I would know because I am a reformed emotionally distant person. I was raised by emotionally distant people who excelled in life because they were able to keep their show of emotions in check at all times. Doing so was proof of emotional resolve and strength. However, I think this is the very thing that has created a mental health crisis in the aftermaths of a pandemic and political turmoil.

Failure to process a range of emotions freely simply stunts the next generation because they have few examples of how to cope in healthy ways. We teach our children activities like sports, are, music, dancing, cooking, you name it. But we often forget to connect the dots when teaching our kids that this in not only for fun, but this activity is necessary to keep your brain healthy. Having fun and doing things you love help heal the soul. These so-called (#ExtraCurricular) activities are not so extra. They are what's necessary to keep the balance in our society. Why do we keep treating these activities as a secondary requirement to our children's education? It should have equal weight in monitoring the health and developmental goals of a child.

Humanity has been through shared trauma. We have had to face reality that we are vulnerable and reliant on each other more now than ever (#CovidConnected). The (#NewWorld) has challenged every one of us. Emotionally consistent and resilient people are the backbones of our society.

Emotional consistency is not necessarily all about having even behavior during times of turmoil. Emotional consistency is about always responding appropriately and promptly to the situation at hand (#BeingPresent). You have access to your feelings and can take off the work-mask or the authority-mask or whatever masks you put on to function throughout the day (#CodeSwitch). You are able to connect with your fellow human being at a pure level without knowing their name or background. You see a person in need and you act, you help as best you can, you're kind.

Have you noticed that there are a lot of easily irritable people roaming around these days? It's because (#LifeSucks)! But the people who are kind even when they've had the shit-iest of shit days, these are my people. You are my fellow (#JoySprites) because even in the face of constant unpredictability, you remain true to yourself. You remain honest, kind, and humble (#GodBlessYou).

Keep up the good fight my fellow (#JoySprites). The higher being is grateful for you and so am I (#AngelsOnEarth).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite)

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