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Develop Your Belief System

Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?

You should develop your own belief system (#LifeLongLearner). You need to be a student of people, cultures, and sociology. Study people and try to understand what motivates them.

People are the sum of their parts. They wear multiple masks in their daily routines. Do not judge. Do not intervene. Ask questions. Try to understand and accept.

Many people in your life will try to tell you who you are. You will either agree or disagree with these beings. Only you know who you are. Are you with the light? Or are you with the shadow?

If you are lucky you will have a healthy balance of both. Those with too much light get used and abused. Those with too much shadow do the using and abusing. Life is about finding your personal balance of elements that make you feel pure and honest (#Equality, #Equity, #Balance).

Develop your belief system by learning from others, constantly, and reading out of curiosity. Never settle for one answer or just a few answers. Always be ravenous for information and in search of accurate, honest, no-fluff information. Always be questioning. Always be challenging, respectfully so (#IndependentThinker, #CriticalThinker).

The world wants to tell you stories. Lots and lots of stories...about yourself and why you should be fearful of, well...everything. I say f*ck that! (#SorryNotSorry)

What story did you tell yourself before the world tried to define you with little check boxes? We are multidimensional beings and we have many sides that need to be expressed to be healthy (#ChooseYourPathWisely).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie #ChristmasSprite #XmasSprite)

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