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Dealing with the Dual Self

Bonjour mon ami! How are you today?

I am split between my dual self, honoring the old and receiving the new. Change is hard...for everyone. The anxiety and fear that comes with any transitional phase manifests in everyone's life differently.

Some people embrace the change wholeheartedly because they see it as God's plan (#Amen, #TrustTheUniverse, #TrustGod). Some people grip tightly to sentimental reminders or memories as if they are going to forget their past experiences and ultimately forget who they are (#EmbraceTheChange). I am somewhere in the middle (#DualSelf). Sometimes it depends on how much sleep I receive the night before to decide: How am I going to embrace this change that the Universe has handed me today?!

I come from a conservative Christian background, but my family members are always highly educated (#LifeLongLearners). I see how people's spirituality evolves the more they educate themselves about the world and how others worship God, the Universe, the essence of life, whatever you want to call it (#GodIsForEveryone).

One starts to figure out that there is no one, right way to worship life. Which leads you to believe that there is no one, right way to live or to define a person's happiness. People's experiences are varied and mold them in different ways. What makes people happy is completely unique to them and their soul (#IndependentThinker). Only they know what is right for them, what will make them truly happy and at peace.

Even though I come from a conservative Christian background, I can truly say that I accept everyone as they are (#FellowWeirdo, #EmbraceTheWierdos). When I meet a person's true heart and soul, I am honored and I see the beauty that is in this world.

When I see the hate in today's world, that is a combination of people's psyches molded in such a way that people keep ricocheting off of each others' egos. It's sad. These people are caged mentally by their conditioned thoughts (#PrayForThem).

If only people could see...

  • The person who experiences anger is not really them, but the ego that was conditioned to be angry given what they were taught as a child or young adult.

  • The person who experiences Schadenfreude is hurt so deep, cut so emotionally deep, that they'd rather project their misfortune onto others and get a laugh. Do you hate yourself? (#SeeATherapist, #BreakTheCycle)

  • The person who experiences learned helplessness is triggered by their environment because of something that happened in their past (#UnresolvedTrauma). We all have the choice to live and to be light. Some people never see the light because they are heavily conditioned not to see it, to block it, and to deny it at all costs (#TheCostIsTheirSoul).

  • The person who perpetuates authoritarian rituals losses out on connection with real people. Authoritarianism systematically kills people's inner light and drive. Break the f*cking rules already (#LegallyDuh) and make better guidance (#ChoiceMatter, #RespectIndividualChoice) that allows people to find the resources they need to be better people and to create a better world.

The pandemic has put an enormous amount of pressure on all persons on Earth. Today is the (#ModernArmageddon) where everyone is challenged on a daily basis to be kind and love or to perpetuate hate and evil; to evolve, to be stagnant, or to become unevolved (#NotTheEndOfTheWorld, #TheEndOfAnEra). More like this is the time for a conscious shift in humanity and many people are evolving before our eyes (#YayHumans, #YouCanDoItHumans).

Those who refuse to grow and evolve will be left behind. They will fight to their end to save an old world that they see as important. But change is inevitable (#EverythingIsASeason, #CyclesBitch). We all must grow into a better, kinder human race. We must evolve to be more altruistic. We are our own worst enemy. Instead of hating ourselves and others, let's love ourselves and others. The world would be a better place, full of love and acceptance (#LoveIsTheNewMoney, #ILiveInAbundance).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite, #XmasSprite)

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