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Dark Moods, Light Heart

Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?

I often fall into dark moods. I can't help it; it's like my power-down mode. If I've been around a lot of people for an extended period of time or if I've been around a lot of noise, I must power down to recover each and every time (#InternalBattery, #Ambivert, #Balance). If I do not get adequate rest, then those brain wires start to get a little erratic (#Human, #SleepAndDrinkWater).

But my dark moods are not necessarily a bad thing. Why do we equate less savory emotions to bad? Yes, emotions feel bad, and can sometimes make us do naughty things, but they don't actually make us a bad person. Anger leads to action. Shame leads to improvement. Sadness leads to enlightenment (#Etc, #DoTheWork).

I often have to coach myself out of the dark fog that is the chatter of the world (#Toxicity). And fuuuckkk, it is so much work, but worth it. Because I refuse to be defeated by the negative chatter in my head (#IChooseMe, #NotTodaySatan).

Also, my dark moods always produce something good (#Inspiration). I own my dark moods as much as I own my light moods. Life is a fucking rollercoaster and we are all so very lucky to have a seat (#Blessed, #EnjoyTheRide). If we weren't meant to feel (#AllTheFeels) then why would God make us this way? The emotions are there to help us learn life lessons (#GrowBitch). Don't suppress your emotions; explore them and understand them so you can (#BeBetter).

I always try to keep a light heart. Not that toxic positivity shit, but a realistic approach to life. People suck, but I also suck. I also love people (#NaughtyAndNice); I hope people deep down love me too (#Humanity). We all suck, but we're all trying, growing, and evolving. With each generation passed, we gain wisdom (#ElevatedConsciousness).

I like to think that our ancestors whisper lessons learned in our sleep or through subtle hints when we're awake (#DejaVu, #Coincidence, #WhatAreTheChances, #Miracles, #Blessings). Those who pay attention learn life lessons much faster (#YouKnowWhatYouDid, #SelfCompassion). Karma likes to play funny games on us throughout life to check us too (#KarmaIsABitch).

I will take every lesson you have for me, God (#WeHere, #LiveLaughLove).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite, #XmasSprite)

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