Dare I Say It...Cult!

Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?

Look, I know people are weird about religion (#Duh). I am spiritual, not religious (#WokeBitchHere).

Every human being on this Earth is impressionable. Every human being put under the right circumstances will crack under pressure. That is why we have to come together as a community, support each other, and learn from each other before we all crack (#2020ToPresent).

If one person cracks, that's a sign (#Help). If a lot of people crack, that's a failure of society (#FallenThroughTheCracks). Why do we look away when we see someone in pain? Don't look away; help, talk, and fucking listen (#BeBrave)!

People back away from faith, religion, and spirituality because they are afraid of being brainwashed. But look at the other crap that you consume that also promotes brainwash.

News/Media (#HotAirMostly), music (#MostlyCrapButAFewGems), clothing (#Labels), and the worst of the worst: busy, busy work culture (#WorkLifeBalaceMyAss). If you consume any of these things obsessively, you're in a cult.

Have you ever wondered why Cult is in the word Culture? Culture is brainwash-lite. That is why you must always check your own belief system. You can get so caught up in chasing the dream, whatever that is for you, any slice of the pie you like (#Customized). You've also been in a bubble mostly talking to the same people with the same thoughts as yesterday (#YourPeople). If you dive too deep into anything without coming up for air you are becoming brainwashed and you may never understand how hypnotized you are (#ModernZombie).

Diversity is key to check your brainwash (#CheckItBitch). Believe what you believe, but check your belief system on the regular by consulting outside parties, talking to people who are nothing like you, don't know where you came from, and have no context of who you are as a person. Talk to them honestly, soul to soul, and learn to connect with people who are not you, who do not believe like you, who do not communicate like you. You may learn a little somethin' (#LifeLongLearner). Different is not scary or bad. Challenge yourself and (#DiscoverDifferent).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #XmasSprite)

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