Create Your Mixed Tape

Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?!

Are you having a hard time communicating with others? Do you feel constantly misunderstood? Chances are it's not just you. Everyone is fucked in the head (#WeAreAllGodsChildren, #OnAJourney). But we must remain civil. We must remain human. Do not regress to the animalistic barbarians of the past and do not excess to a snooty, I'm above it elder (#BecauseYouAintBitch, #WeInThisTogether, #WeLearnFromEachOther).

We are (#CovidConnected) and we have experienced a lot of trauma as a society. We are learning to experience compassion for ourselves, but have we really experienced compassion towards others (#OutSideBloodFamily)? Probably not (#OutOfPractice, #SelfConsumed).

Nobody cares about the story you tell yourself to survive this world because they are so very consumed with their personal narratives, trauma, and drama. People live in their heads, just like you. Some of us live in hell, some of us live in heaven, but most of us live in purgatory (#WeTryingGod).

Consideration for others is an afterthought for those who are severely suffering. The problem: we all think we're suffering when we're not suffering physically (#PsychologicalSufferingIsReal). You are not in immediate danger. But the words in your head change the energy of your entire body and can do harm (#StressIsASlowDeath).

The angels and demons they taught us about are not just energies seeking out the feeble-minded. The energy exists within us. We attract what we feel inside. If you are dark inside, you will attract dark energies (#People, #BadLuck, #BadVibes). If you practice holding onto the light within yourself, even in your darkest moments, you will attract the light in others. Good things will begin to happen. Your energy will even out (#Balance, #NoGoodOrBad, #JustObsserve).

Our thoughts are like a recorded tape on loop. These mixed tapes were handed to us by our parents, our peers, and society -- not by choice. Everyone has a mixed tape of recorded scripts that they'd like to hand to us because they think it will help you (#HeresWhatIveLearnedAboutLife). But do we really like the tunes we're hearing? (#YourLifeIsNotMyLife)

Take the feedback that works for you and leave the feedback that doesn't apply to your journey (#CreateYourMixedTape).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite, #XmasSprite)

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