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Children At Heart, Always & Forever

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Dear Children at Heart, I see you. I see you writers, you jokesters, you artists, you musicians, you deep thinkers, you philosophers. I feel you. You're sad because the world taught you to play, but told you, you must work! All the time...around the clock we go, trying to raise our families. We are all mixed up and trying hard. But we are not always nice to each other. Instead of telling the world what we really want, we take it out on ourselves or our families. We passively-aggressively take out all our frustrations on each other, usually on accident, and then we feel awful afterwards. We then beat ourselves up inside, trying to figure out -- why did I react that way? We repeat the same patterns over and over again until we learn our lesson to be better. But as we learn our lessons, we are pulled on, and tugged on, and molded and shaped into pint-sized adults, often a little too early than we would have liked. The older, more experienced folks around you look at you like, why are you so sad all the time? Why do you have resting bitch face all.the.time bitch!? It's because I don't like what the world is selling to me as happiness. Happiness is expressing one's inner child. We all need to play to feel free and heard! We need to be creative, we need to breathe, we need to live in fresh air in an open space. But we're all so suffocated, by the need and want to fit in. But why? Because we do need social interaction. We need both. We need time together and time apart (#Balance). When we feel out of balance we meditate (#HippiePrayers). We ask God and the Earth to show us a sign. Please talk to me and tell me the lesson I need to learn today! 🙏🏾 But we also want to look good while doing it and everyone thinks we're shallow, but we are not. We are worthy and we can't get what we want if we don't say it out loud and make it happen (#TheSecret). That's also why every now and then a sociopath takes advantage of religion, spirituality, and love (#DICKS!). They like to manipulate your want to fit in (#FuckIntellect) Why do I think of these things?! (#FuckYouAnxietyThoughts) I digress... My fellow sprites you are sad because the world lied to you. You believed in one thing, your soul and its voice, but then the world said sike bitch! I taketh away. How rude?! Why would you lie to me like that world? And now you expect me to lie to my children the same way you lied to me. This is why we have (#MyBodyMyChoice). Some of us are healing from our pasts. Sometimes children can heal us and sometimes they can trigger us. #HelloWorld, stop hiding your shit so these kids know how to process undesirable information. Children are God's light. They teach us not to give up, not to loose hope. My children save me every day from dwelling in my head for too long. Ain't that a blessing? That is the reason I chose to have children, to feel pure innocence again, but it's hard because they grow up and begin to absorb the world. Thank you Jesus, I have found my voice. Yours Truly, #MerryMarie #ChristmasSprite

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