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Believe In Yourself & Others Will Believe In You

Bonjour, mon ami!

Let's talk about faith in oneself. If you don't have faith, you will be lost for a very long time. You do not need to be religious to be spiritual. I am spiritual (with a Christian-lite upbringing). I cherry pick what works for me.

This is my belief system: You must have faith in yourself because you have God's light within you. Listen to that internal beat, that spiritual voice in your head that tells you to go for it or to stay back without the use of words. Some call it intuition. Intuition is ancient wisdom. I like to label that voice as my ancestors calling and sharing their wisdom with me. They have learned so much and when I pray, they speak to me, luv. They tell me when to course correct, they tell me to slow down, they tell me to rest. I trust this voice because it has never steered me wrong. It's that gut feeling. That's God's voice within you. That's your true voice.

You are never alone, my luv. You know exactly what you should do and how you should be. We are born to a world that has many messages and stories to share, but we do not need to absorb all of these narratives. We can share our voice in the conversation. The more we share, the more we learn from each other. We are crowd-sourcing empathy and enlightenment.

Believe in yourself, luv. Even when those closest to you don't believe in you. You don't need permission from others to be yourself or to speak your truth. You are awesome in God's light. We all have a little piece of God within us and that is what connects us, even though I've never met you in my life. I feel your energy and you feel mine because we are born from the same light. God bless my spirit sibling. Amen.

Yours Truly,

#MerryMarie #ChristmasSprite

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