Be Honest Over Polite

Bonjour, mes petits farfadets!

That's hello, my little sprites, in French! How fabulous is that!?

Anywho, part of the duality that I face every day is the constant pressure to be nice and polite, all the time. Boooooo! I'm a boss bitch. I don't mess around with nonsense. Especially now with kids. I'm always like, 'what bitch, what do you want?!' (I digress...)

I prefer that people be honest over polite. My family growing up was very blunt, in a high emotionally intelligent way, not in a rude way. People from the outside looking in think we're borderline rude, but we're not. We just like to get to the point because time is of the essence, my love.

Fast-forward to meeting my husband, whose family is very, very polite. My work environment is very, very polite. Add in raising two kids during a pandemic, while working full-time, at home with everyone piled up on each other all the time...polite has just got to go!

Honestly, 2020 was an awakening of who was there for me and who was not. The people who were just honest and told me, look I can't do this right now, I'm stressed out with my own shit, I have mad respect for. Thank you for being real and bearing your soul with me. The people who constantly are trying to deceive me and give me the appearance that they always have their shit together, I don't trust you bitch! You're just hiding, but I see you.

My point: Cut the bullshit excuses and excusers out of your life. These are toxic people who will drain you of all your emotional energy, your light, my love. Have enough self-respect to say, "No, be honest. No, what did you really mean?" Challenge, conversate, learn, and see each other for who you really are. Not everyone has to be your best friend.

But remember, my love, always be kind. Don't be rude. Just set your boundaries clearly and firmly and objectively. Wipe away all the emotion that is attached and simply state the facts. Amen!

Yours Truly,

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