Bonjour, mon ami! How are you today?

Ambiguity is probably our greatest challenge in life. We do not have all the answers and we spend lifetimes seeking out wisdom, nuggets of knowledge that we hope will solve our problems or the world's problems. But that is the very point of life, exploring the unknown (#LifelongLearner).

Ambiguity creates anxiousness because we always want to label every little thing in life (#Blah). Our little brains can't help but (#TagAndOrganize). Not everything in life is meant to be tagged, understood, captured, or studied. The most important parts of life are simply meant to be experienced (#CreateTheExperience, #MomentsMatterMost).

Nothing and no one can take your precious memories of joy away. This is the movie you get to play here on earth. Yes, there will be a lot of obstacles and some heartache along the way, but trust in God, child. You will learn the lessons you were meant to learn in time (#LearnTheHardWay, #ThereIsNoEasyWay).

If you understand your ride on the emotional rollercoaster, then maybe you'll understand others' emotional rollercoaster (#JudgeLess, #NoLabels, #LoveAndKindness). When someone says they are struggling or sad or angry or nervous or whatever the (#Mood) for the moment, don't judge the person for feeling (#AllTheFeels) my love (#Observe, #Listen).

The people you observe are swimming through ambiguity, just like you (#ConfusedAF). If you are able to offer a comforting hug or some help, then do (#FreeHugs). An open ear is often what the other person needs to sort out the ambiguity in their head (#OnlyListen). Try not to tell them what they should do to solve the problem, simply listen. Everyone has to make decisions for themselves. Everyone has different motivations and backstories, which adds to the ambiguity of life.

You will never be able to comprehensively (#TagAndOrganize) human beings and their experiences because our diversity is vast and beautiful. We should celebrate the variety of life. You can try your best to understand humanity. However, humans are ever-evolving beings and so the labels grow obsolete (#NobodyCares).

Fuck the labels and fuck understanding, simply be and experience life for what it is. Your purpose in life is to experience (#SpiritualPrivilege). Answer God's call and (#LiveYourLife), hun (#YOLO).

Do what makes you happy and what makes you smile. Don't settle for mediocrity and always think differently (#IndependentThinker).

Yours Truly,

(#MerryMarie, #ChristmasSprite, #XmasSprite)

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